Yes, they're all available from Amazon. Just click on a product to go straight to the listing.

1. Yeowww! Catnip Heart

The Yeowww! catnip heart tops our list of top Valentine themed gifts for your cat. Why? Well because our customers tell us regularly that Yeowww! catnip toys are the best catnip toys that their cats have ever had. Catnip is one of those products where you get what you pay for. Buy a 99p catnip toy and your cat will probably ignore it. Buy a pricier Yeowww! catnip toy stuffed with top grade North American catnip and your cat might just love you until you next go on holiday without them! Highly recommended for any cat at any time of year.

If you like the idea but not the heart design then the rest of the Yeowww! range (bananas, rainbows, cigars etc) is available here: Yeowww! catnip toys

2. Hot Pink Heart Shaped Pet Bowl

OK, if we're honest this is probably more one for the humans. Let's face it, most cats don't care about what you put their food in, the important thing is that you are there to open the tin or pouch! That said, this hot pink bowl will undoubtedly attract envious glances from your cat loving friends.

3. Gor Pets Elan Luxury Bed

Again, if we're honest, this is one that will give as much pleasure to the bed buyer as the bed user. Gor Pets is an established brand and the bed itself has many attractive features, including a machine washable removable cushion. It isn't the largest of beds so would best suit a a kitten or smaller cat. Our cat, Ethel, would look great in one of these - the only problem is she's a bit of a bed hopper and finds a new spot each week!

4. Engraved Cat & Kitten ID Tags

We picked these Tags out because they are the right size for a cat or kitten. Beware vendors offering "dog/cat" tags - they'll probably end up being an encumbrance to your dainty feline. We also picked this Amazon listing because the seller is offering up to 4 lines of engraved text on the back of the tag. In our book that makes it a good value Valentine themed accessory, especially given that the price includes delivery.

5. Gor Pets Play Heart Scratcher

Isn't this adorable! Highly rated by purchasers on Amazon, this heart themed scratcher will look great in your home and help to protect your furniture from kitty claws. Like the Gor Pets bed, this scratcher is going to be most suitable for a younger/smaller cat or kitten.

The above recommendations are all available via Amazon. If you click on a link and subsequently make a purchase, we may receive a modest commission from Amazon. We are very happy to recommend other retailers where products don't naturally fit into our catalogue cycle.

Above all, what we care passsionately about is helping cat lovers to find good quality gifts for themselves, their cats and their cat loving friends.