Thursday 14th March will be the first full day of trading for our new gallery area, featuring an array of art, clothing, jewellery, homewares and vintage items. Here are some pictures taken just before we opened....

First floor front room: art by Paul Monteagle and Helen Rhodes plus pre-owned books

First floor front: Art by Denise Laurent, Diane Elson, Dani Bergson, Sue Willis.

First Floor Front: Cat Lampshade, Father & Daughter by Denise Laurent, Wooden Cats.

First Floor Rear: Isn't our farmhouse dresser fab? Pre-owned Lesley Anne Ivory plates and spice jars, plus lots of new gifts for the home.

Sleepshirts: In addition to Bad Hair Day we have Feline Sleepy and Check Meowt!

Clothing: At least 8 different designs of cat T shirt plus more formal shirts, hoodies and sweatshirts. There are also two units packed with vintage jewellery.

We have an alcove on our landing which fitted this display cabinet beautifully. Expect to find a changing selection of vintage collectables in here, including Swarovski, cold cast bronze miniatures, Clare McFarlane pottery and more!

Jewel by Denise Laurent

Elli by Denise Laurent

Unique acrylic sculpture by Lucy Phelps - inscribed 1 of 1.

Siamese lampshade (£55) atop a big cat lamp base (NFS).

Our selection of vintage items will change regularly and we will almost certainly only have one of each at any one time. If you're after a specific item that you can see in one of these pictures, please call us in advance of your visit to check availability and to allow us to reserve it for you [pictures taken 13/03/2019]. It isn't possible for us to put all one-off items on our website but we will do it occasionally for higher items of particular interest. These items will be advertised via our email Newsletter (see sign up button on home page).

The first floor gallery will be staffed principally by Alison and Peter. If you can make it to York, we'd love you to come and say "Hello" in our new first floor space.