The Cat Gallery has had a shop in York for 15 years. During that time we have heard of many "cat only" gift shops closing, but very few, if any opening. In fact, apart from The Cat Gallery in York, we only know of one other cat shop in Europe - Catlovers in Thun in Switzerland. We'd really like to be able to publish a list of all "proper" cat shops in the UK/Europe/Worldwide but to do that we need your help. Here is our list of cat shops that have been and gone in the last 15 years:

Closed Cat Shops

The Cat Shop, The Lanes, Brighton - owner retired to Spain we understand

Cat Out of the Bag - shops in Canterbury, Eton & Bath and the reason we moved North to York to open The Cat Gallery. COOTB went into Administration in 2006

Cats By Design - Leamington Spa, closed mid 2000's

Nothing But the Cat, Canterbury, closed mid 2000's

Just Cats, Ely, closed mid 2000's?

Cat Shop (unknown name), Bourton on the Water, closed late 2000's

Galerie du Chat, Paris - this is now just an online business

Donna R, Frankfurt - apparently closed around 2013

Cat Shops still Trading in 2016

The Cat Gallery, 45 Low Petergate, York, YO1 7HT, UK

CatLovers, Obere Hauptgasse 27 (Altstadt), CH-3600, Thun (This is a very nice shop and definitely worth a visit if you are in the area). Update May 2016 - their website says they had to close in August 2015 to make way for parking improvements in Thun. no indication yet that they have re-opened. If they have, please let us know!

Cat's Gallery, Tynska 9, Praha 1 - We've just discovered that this shop exists. We feel slightly flattered by the choice of name! Hope it has some nice things. It could be a good excuse for a short break later in the year. If it happens, we'll definitely report back on it.

As you can see, certainly in Europe, there don't seem to be many cat shops left. But perhaps you know of one that we don't?

Please rack your brains and if you remember visiting a cat shop in the past, let us know via the contact form on our website. If you've got a photo, so much the better. If you know when you visited, better still. Our aim is to check out all suggestions and eventually publish an updated list of cat shops.

To qualify as a "Cat Shop" it needs to be devoted to cats and it needs to be a proper shop that can be visited by members of the public. Personally, I wouldn't include a shelf or two of cat toys/ornaments in a veterinary clinic/cattery environment. It needs to be a place where, as a cat lover, you'd feel excited to be visiting!