Jellycat 25th Anniversary Plush Soft Toy Cat Collection

It's worth saying at the outset that Jellycat cat toys are in high demand and our stocks can get depleted quite quickly. Jellycat toys are bought by as many adults for themselves, as are bought for children! We see this every day in our York shop.

The great news is that as this blog post is typed, we are about to receive some brand new 2024 Jellycat cats, and some cats are already on the shelf, waiting to find a new, loving home. UPDATE 13th Feb: They have arrived!! Iris is proving particularly popular.

Let's take a look at the brand new arrivals:

Iris Siamese Cat


Jellycat have the most fabulous copywriters to describe their feline fluffies. Here's how they describe Iris the Siamese Cat:

"What a clever pretty kitty! Iris Siamese Cat is a slinky cocoa-nougat kitty with neat long socks and a matching tail. Blue-eyed Iris has a cocoa mask and long two-tone ears, making this one truly elegant cat."

And who are we to disagree with that prosaic description. We can't remember the last time Jellycat offered a Siamese cat and think this one will be very easy to re-home. Size: 27 x 12cm.

Fuddlewuddle Ginger Cat


A purr-fect choice for the ginger cat lover. Over to Jellycat again:

"Ruffled, tawny and adorably lazy. Fuddlewuddle Ginger Cat is strokeably soft in beautifully tousled marmalade fur. With splashes of cream, marshmallow paws, a pink suedette nose and a beany base, this bright-eyed kitten knows how to relax."

 If Siamese or Ginger aren't your kind of cat, how about this Bashful Grey Kitten?


"Snoozing by the silvery moon. So soft and ever so pretty, Bashful Grey Kitty is a brilliant companion. This dreamy cat has cloud-soft pale grey fur, with cream paws and muzzle. With a sweet, stitched smile and long curved tail, this kitty has a sugar pink nose perfect for boops."

If you've resisted temptation so far, here's a link to our currently available selection of Jellycat Cats.

The Cat Gallery - Jellycat Cats

There are more Jellycat Cats on the way during 2024, including Jellycat Jack, a plush kitty who is the spitting image of the Jellycat logo - complete with orange jelly on his head! He'll be available in three sizes - Standard, Really Large and Huge!

If you clicked the link above, you'll have seen that we do have some of the Anniversary merchandise already:

A Jellycat Logo Bag Charm


And a Jellycat Logo Cross Body Bag


Ssshh - keep this to yourself, but there are also rumours of festive anniversary cats coming closer to Christmas.

We love Jellycat. The Cat Gallery has been running for a mere 22.5 years, but Jellycat has been an ever-present part of our offering. Great quality and fabulous design makes Jellycat an aspirational brand, and one that grown-ups appreciate as much as children.

Which one will you be re-homing?