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One of the charities we support is International Cat Care (formerly Feline Advisory Bureau).  Rather than saving cats "one by one", they direct their attention towards research, education and training with regard to cat welfare.  Their prudent estimate is that their work benefits the lives of 25 million cats every year!

Their expertise in feline welfare makes them ideally qualified to assess the merits of products designed for cats.  In recent years, products they have assessed as being particularly beneficial to cats have been awarded a coveted "Cat Friendly Award".  

Some award winners are technical products, designed only for use by veterinary professionals.  Ones that can be used around the home now feature in our Cat Friendly Award Winning collection.

Cat Friendly Award Winning Products at The Cat Gallery

Here are two cat friendly products that we have personal experience of:

Easypill Cat Putty

Easypill Cat Putty

This is the most reviewed product on our website - consistently scoring top marks from owners who have had an enormous burden lifted from their shoulders.  Clearly a pill in treat form is a significantly better experience for the cat too.  We have personal experience with Charlie who had to take steroids for 4 months after suffering from an immune disorder as a kitten.  It still makes me laugh when I think how ridiculously easy it was to give Charlie his medicine compared to what pill-giving experiences had been like before Easypill.  Very highly recommended.

Sureflap Cat Flap

The Sureflap cat flat was the first microchip reading cat flap.  The benefits it brought to owners and cats alike meant that it became market leader almost overnight.  There are now plenty of imitations on the market, but Sureflap remains market leader because it is a well designed product and because Sureflap offer unrivalled post-purchase customer support.

We moved house 5 years ago and installed a Sureflap straight away.  It has been a godsend because we are in a "catty" neighbourhood, with a variety of moggies regularly passing our back door.  Cue the rogues gallery of felines making regular visits to our garden:

 Our Sureflap cat flap means that Alfie and Charlie don't need to wear a collar with an electromagnetic tag (very 20th Century, if your cat still has one of these!) and, most importantly by programming the Flap with Alfie and Charlie's microchips, only they can access our home.  

If you are reading this and are realising that you could avoid neighbouring cats coming in or that you would be freed up from having to open a door or window every time your cat wants to go in or out, then you might want to click on the link below:

Buy the Sureflap Cat Flap from The Cat Gallery