Charlie and the Blue Stripy Bed

Charlie in his new blue stripy bedIf you subscribe to our Newsletter (please do!), you'll be aware that after nearly 4 years of spurning every bed he was offered, Charlie has suddenly taken to a blue stripy £20 bed.  Result!

Luckily, Charlie hasn't forgotten about his Cat Daddy and will still come for cuddles several times a day!  What it does mean, is that I don't have to do quite so many sitting activities while juggling a warm furry lump.

I don't know whether it made a difference, but we started by putting the bed onto a chair that he often uses.  He hopped straight up and after a bit of pacing around to assess this new nest, decided "it'll do". 

The sequence below shows Charlie in the bed when it was on the armchair.  It wasn't long before he was getting the yawns....

Oooh, here comes a big one....

Charlie mid-yawn

OK, time for a nap...

Charlie asleep

We certainly can't claim that this bed (actually labelled as a dog bed) has any special powers, but it has certainly worked for Charlie.  If you'd like one, you'll find it at the following link:  Stripy Blue Cat Bed