Cute customer cats at Christmas time

Take a look at these cuties!

First up (below) is Franki.  You wouldn't believe it, but Franki is 12 years old.  He still behaves like a kitten though says owner, Anne.

Next in our Festive Parade are George & Aldo.  Diana, their owner, has translated George & Aldo's expressions:  "Which ones are ours?"

Next up is a cat you will recognise.  This is Charlie's first Christmas back in 2017.  "Charlie and the Christmas Tree" appeared in the last Newsletter, so here's a picture of him leaping over our festive light tree to get to the presents that we'd "hidden" at the top of the bookcase.  He really was a complete lunatic as a kitten!

Jean sent us some beautiful images of her cat Foxy investigating her tree.  The following pics were taken in her younger days, but at the age of 9 she still climbs the 8ft tree at least once per season!  Go Foxy!

Below is another cat that you'll recognise.  This time it's Alfie using the window ledge to facilitate a close up investigation of our 2017 tree.

Prepare for cuteness overload....

We don't know the name or sex, but this is one of two deaf white kittens owned by Heather who tells us that they like to go out for safe daily walks on a harness.  Both are full of mischief, although judging by the photo, this one has run out of mischief and is recharging!

 Below are Eilah (Black) and Amelia (Tortie) clearly enjoying the central heating as well as the festive lights.

 John kindly sent us a cute snap of his neighbour's cat, Jack getting up to mischief.

He also cleverly captured a still from internet sensation Nala's latest video.  So sweet!

Whilst not strictly seasonal, we couldn't resist Val's picture of her Siamese cats enjoying our Klara XXL Scratching Post.

And here's another snap of Charlie enjoying the tree during his First Christmas with us in 2017.

Why not send us a picture of your cat(s) in a festive/seasonal setting?  We'll feature as many as we can here.