Cat Chat and International Cat Care Send Their Personal Thanks

Cat Chat and International Cat Care are thrilled with the cheques we sent them recently.  They have put their personal thanks in writing and we wanted to post it here for all to see.

Whether you donate by phone, via our order form, or perhaps more likely if you are reading this, online, 100% of your donation is forwarded to our nominated Charities.  In our first Newsletter of 2021 we will be able to announce the total raised during 2020, one of the most difficult fundraising years for all charities.

Without further ado I will stop my words here and hand you over to Mandy & Steve at Cat Chat and to Vicky Halls and Claire Bessant at International Cat Care.

Cat Chat

Dear Wonderful Cat Gallery Customers

We would like to say a huge thank you for your incredibly generous support for our charity, throughout what has been a challenging year for everyone. 

When Peter and Alison got in touch earlier this month with news of the fantastic amount you’ve donated via The Cat Gallery, all of us at Cat Chat were just completely overwhelmed. 

This year was a milestone for Cat Chat, as the charity celebrated 20 years of helping to find homes for thousands of rescued cats each year. To mark this anniversary we launched our special ‘Twenty for 2020’ campaign which focused on finding homes for the 20 cats who’ve been in care the longest, some of them as long as four years!   Quite a challenge, but we’re delighted to say that we’re well on the way to reaching this particular goal.

Your donations are hugely important in supporting Cat Chat, not only with specific initiatives like this one but also with our ongoing work with shelters and cats all over the UK and Ireland.  We’re proud to be referred to as a ‘rehoming lifeline’ by many shelters, but the truth is, we couldn’t achieve this without the generous support of friends like you…

So thank you again… and here below, sending you their Headbumps of happiness, are some of the now happily homed Twenty for 2020 cats…

Wishing you all a safe and happy Christmas

Mandy and Steve,

Founders of Cat Chat, the Cat Rescue Resource. Charity no. 1100649


International Cat Care

Dear Cat Gallery Customers

I am writing to thank you on behalf of International Cat Care for your generous donations. As an organisation we are small, but we have always had big ambitions when it comes to cat welfare and achieved so much over our 62-year history! The way we help millions of cats annually is by engaging with and empowering those who interact directly with them, including vets, vet nurses, cat owners, behaviourists, homing organisations, cat welfare academics, breeders and boarding catteries. Let me tell you about one area I am actively involved in, that potentially impacts on 300 million cats worldwide.


We had an amazing response to the launch and a surge of enthusiasm from people working with cats on the frontline. We invited people to put a pin on a world map on the homepage to show us where they are and send a photo of the work they are doing. Already we have had 741 organisations put pins on the map from 55 different countries.

We launched Cat Friendly Solutions for Unowned Cats, our new unowned cat website content live on 5th December ( It is an accessible, practical resource that represents a one-stop-shop for anyone needing information about working with unowned cats. All of the content is underpinned by the solid foundations and values that represent iCatCare as an organisation such as, each cat is an individual and there are no blanket rules for all - different cats need different solutions. As well as the unique content that we created, we also looked at all the information that is out there already, showcasing the best possible advice from other organisations around the world.

We will be sending out regular newsletters and have a free online course on the website to help everyone make the connection between the material on the website and how it will impact positively on cats. Ultimately, we hope to create a supportive and collaborative network of people across the world who apply their learning to create a better life for unowned cats.

It is a long-term goal but, with the help of generous donors like yourself, we can make this happen. Thank you so much once again, wishing you all a safe and peaceful Christmas.

Best wishes

Vicky Halls

Project Manager

Cat Friendly Solutions for Unowned Cats, International Cat Care

Pictured below are Vicky and Claire Bessant (Chief Executive) who both passed on their profound thanks for your support during 2020.  Claire is pictured with her rescue cat, Chilli.