The Mogfather black T Shirt.  A great gift idea for a cat daddy.

Question:  What gift should I buy for a man who likes cats?

We've picked out 10 top gift ideas that a cat loving man would love to receive in 2020. Whether you are looking for a funny gift or something inexpensive, these gifts are tried and tested gift ideas for a cat crazy man.

1. The Mogfather T Shirt £18

2.  Black Cat Trunks £14

3.  Etched Cat Motif Wine Glass £18

4.  Leather Wallet with Discreet Curled Cat Motif £26

5.  The Supervet Book - Noel Fitzpatrick £8.99

6.  Tosser Navy T Shirt £24

7.  Stainless Steel Coin Holder Keyring £6

8.  Solar Black Cat £3.50

9.  Black Cat Odd Socks £8

10.  A Tale of Two Kitties Book - £7.99

Top Ten Gifts for a Cat Loving Man 2020 - The Detail

In our experience, the trick to a successful cat themed gift for a feline friendly man is to avoid "naff" presents or anything that is too "shouty".  We've had a shop in York for 19 years, so talk to customers every day about the products we sell.  The benefit of our experience comes to you in this list of gifts that any Cat Daddy would be both chuffed and proud to receive.  Here are the Top Ten Gifts for a Cat Man in greater detail:

 1. The Mogfather T Shirt £18

Mogfather Black T Shirt

 A humorous tee shirt based on the title of one of the post popular movies with men:  The Godfather.  Available in sizes Small to Extra Large, this quality black T shirt goes down particularly well on Father's Day (June 21st 2020 in the UK)

2.  Black Cat Trunks £14

Black Cat Trunks 

A brand new line for us, but we know that for men, quality trunks and black cats is a strong combination.  If your budget will stretch, we also offer co-ordinating Black Cat Odd Socks (or see No 9)

3.  Etched Cat Motif Wine Glass £18

Etched Cat Wine Glass Siamese Cat 

A premium, tissue wrapped and boxed stylish wine glass at a non-premium price.  A great gift idea for a  wine drinking cat lover.  If wine isn't their tipple then we also offer a Whisky Tumbler and a Gin Glass.

4.  Leather Wallet with Discreet Curled Cat Motif £26

Black Cat Embossed Wallet

We customised our leather goods supplier's most popular wallet design with a discreet curled cat motif.  The result is a best-selling wallet that you can't buy anywhere else!  Cat loving men tend to be happy with a "nod" in the direction of their cat interest and don't need anything too "loud".  This wallet fits the bill, and comes in a quality gift box.

5.  The Supervet Book - Noel Fitzpatrick £8.99

Noel Fitzpatrick, Becoming The Supervet

Noel Fitzpatrick, aka The Supervet, is an iconic figure.  A man who has transformed the lives of pets (and owners) through his pioneering techniques.  His story is one that will appeal to cat lovers of all ages and to men as much as women.

6.  Tosser Navy T Shirt £24

Tosser T Shirt, Rupert Fawcett, At Least the Cat Loves Me

We should probably have put this T Shirt at No. 1 based on how many have been purchased since we published this Exclusive T Shirt design.  From an original by Rupert Fawcett, this cartoon simply, eloquently, if slightly impolitely, sums up the fear that cat owners have of how they are viewed by their cat.  Experience in our York shop tells us that this is an absolute winner with cat loving men!

7.  Stainless Steel Coin Holder Keyring £6

 Stainless Steel Trolley token Cat Keyring

Chunky, but stylish, this keyring hides a secret.  The cat motif is actually a £1 coin sized disc which can be slipped out and used as a supermarket trolley token.  Comes in a Cat Gallery branded gift box.

8.  Solar Black Cat £3.50

Solar Black Cat

Our little solar black cat wiggles away to his heart's content when placed near a light source.  A fun little gift that will look as good on a work desk as it will on a window sill at home.

9.  Black Cat Odd Socks UK 9-12)


Black Cat Odd Socks UK Adult Size 9-12

Man size black cat socks (UK 9-12).  It's difficult to go wrong giving socks as a gift, the problem comes in finding them in male sizes.  We have other choices too including Cat Stripes Odd Socks.

10.  A Tale of Two Kitties Book - £7.99

A Tale of Two Kitties by Nick Harding

A well written, (the author is a journalist), and hugely entertaining book about one man's conversion from cat-hating, feline allergic, dog loving male to doting "owner" of mischievous cats, Alvin and Barry. 


We hope that our Top Ten Guide to Gifts for Cat Loving Men has given you some inspiration for your own gifting requirements.  Remember, these gifts are just the "cherry on the icing on the cake".  We have hundreds more gift ideas, to suit a wide range of ages, tastes and budgets.  If you'd like to have a wider browse on our website here's a link to

 The Best Gifts For Cat Lovers and their Feline Friends