Maison de Moggy

There I was, minding my own business, wandering into the centre of Edinburgh for a bit of late night window shopping and BAM! there it was - Edinburgh's Cat Cafe - Maison de Moggy. Not surprisingly at 22.30 it was closed, so I contented myself with a quick snap to send to Alison.

 Maison de Moggy at Night

The next morning I had time for another quick potter into Edinburgh Old Town so passed Maison de Moggy again. The cats here clearly don't do early mornings, but they do like sleeping in the beds near the windows! As a result I was able to grab the following snaps:

Cat Watching Cat on TV

Cat on TV

Sleeping Cat at Maison de Moggy

If you're planning a trip to Edinburgh and would like to see what Maison de Moggy have to offer, you can find their details below:

Maison de Moggy Cat Cafe