Alfie & Charlie in the Garden

The picture above is a little misleading. Our cats don't do that much mutual grooming these days and I don't recall ever seeing it happen outside.

The image below is a bit more like normal behaviour - Charlie trotting after Alfie, probably with a view to having a friendly-ish nip at his tail, leg or backside!

Of course, being cats, they do like to show that they are naturally photogenic and don't take too much persuading to pose in front of, or behind flowering plants:

Looking at these pictures you'd think that they are two little fluffy angels...

However, at this time of year in particular, we know that isn't always the case. Sometimes they like to bring in outdoor "friends" to play with. When they were kittens it was leaves and worms. Nowadays their "playmates" tend to be a little larger. They now know that bringing things in the house is very likely to lead to them being shooed out again. As if he knows that he needs to make amends in some way, Charlie has become an expert indoor fly catcher. The only downside is the loud chomping as he disposes of the little thing that was buzzing around disturbing his snooze!

Alfie loves a good snooze. It wasn't long this morning before he was yawning away:

And within minutes he was back on the sofa, in a deep sleep.

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