Lucky Gemstone Cats

If you're looking for a gift for a cat lover, how about a Lucky Gemstone Cat?

At 3cm in height, they are really kitten-sized and will make a lovely addition to a miniature cat collection. They're also small enough to easily be carried by the owner as a good luck charm. The cat below is carved from Green Aventurine (standing in for Emerald) as the birthstone for May.

Where possible we have used the "official" birthstone (e.g. Garnet for January and (Blue) Opal for October). For other months we've selected a close colour equivalent or used some artistic licence.

Each cat is supplied in a velveteen drawstring bag  and comes complete with a card giving extra information about the stone that the cat is carved from.

Whilst we can't guarantee these cats will bring you enough luck to win the lottery, science suggests that belief and positive thinking really does lead to better outcomes:

Why 'Good Luck Charms' Seem to Work, According to Science | Mental Floss 

 The month and stone details are shown below. Click to go to that particular cat on our website:

Jan - Garnet

Feb - Lepidolite (for Amethyst)

Mar - Labradorite (for aquamarine)

Apr - Clear Quartz

May - Green Aventurine (for Emerald)

Jun - Opal (for Pearl/Moonstone)

Jul - Strawberry Stone (for Ruby)

Aug - Red Veinstone (for Peridot)

Sep - Blue Aventurine (for Sapphire)

Oct - Blue Opal

Nov - Yellow Calcite (for Yellow Topaz/Citrine)

Dec - Sodalite (for Tanzanite/Turquoise)