A senior cat

For several years now, we have included an optional donation box on our catalogue order form and optional donation buttons at our website checkout.

As we mentioned before Christmas, the total of donations during 2023 was an incredible £21,000. We divide the total between two charities that we think generate an impressive "bang for your buck".

International Cat Care, (formerly Feline Advisory Bureau) have around 20 staff, based in Wiltshire. By focusing at the level of research, education and training in matters of cat welfare, they estimate that their work improves the lives of 25 MILLION cats every year! At a day-to-day level in the UK, we see their impact when we go to our local vets, which is also an International Cat Care accredited "Cat Friendly Clinic" (dog-free sessions, privacy screening for nervous cats in the waiting room etc).

Cat Chat, based in Kent, pre-dates The Cat Gallery by 12 months. Whilst Alison and I chose a commercial career, Mandy and Steve have devoted the last 23 years to facilitating the re-homing of cats throughout the UK via their Cat Chat website. Independent shelters and rescues recognise just how important Cat Chat is, in the re-homing process. Operating on a tiny budget, the money Cat Chat receive from Cat Gallery customer donations is hugely appreciated.

The Cat Gallery sponsors the "Overlooked Cats" section of the website, so customer donations are also used to help these less fortunate cats. During 2023, Cat Chat have been preparing a brand new website. Here is what Mandy and Steve have put in writing to us this week:

Our Latest Project:

"We are currently developing a brand new Cat Chat website, to include more advanced and effective Cat Homing Pages, which we provide to shelters free of charge. Our ambitious new site, aiming to launch in spring 2024, will incorporate many improvements requested by rescue centres. This will enable us to find more cats their ideal homes sooner, and free up shelter spaces for the increasing number of cats coming into rescue."

They go on to say:

"Our services are needed more than ever in the current economic climate, as more cats than ever before are coming into rescue. We are truly grateful for your support.
Thank you from us, and from all the cats we can help now, and in the future."

Mandy & Steve

Peter & Alison at The Cat Gallery, would just like to add:

"Thank you so much for being part of our cat loving community!"


Cat Chat Letter (Opens as a PDF)