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The Lucky Cat Shop brings together two of our most popular ranges - gemstone cats and Maneki Neko (beckoning cats), with a brand new collectable, The Original York Lucky Cat.

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Gemstone Cats

Very popular in our York shop since late 2022, we have featured sitting Birthstone Cats in our Cat Gallery catalogue and online range during 2023. 

On The Lucky Cat Shop website we are able to offer a much broader range of attractive gemstone cats in a range of sizes and poses.

For example, there is no black birthstone cat, but at you can find jet-black Obsidian cats in at least 3 different styles.


Maneki Neko

Traditional battery operated Maneki Neko

The traditional battery-operated gold Maneki Neko has been a staple of the gift market for many years. The popularity of this cat has only increased with an increased awareness in society of Feng Shui, mindfulness and spirituality in general.

This has encouraged product innovation including solar powered cats and cats with a more contemporary feel.

You can find them all at


The Original York Lucky Cat

The Original York Lucky cat

Over the last 20 years, our adopted city of York has truly become a "City of Cats". There have been cat statues on city centre buildings for many years, which led us to create the York Cat Trail in 2010. Our cat shop has been around since 2001 and we've had a Cat Cafe (The Cat's Whiskers) since 2019. Did I forget to say that we also have one of Western Europe's finest CAT-hedrals!

With a shop that serves thousands of tourists every year, but no purr-fect York, cat themed item to buy as a collectable or gift, Alison and I set about trying to remedy matters. We are immensely proud of the result - The Original York Lucky Cat. We launched it in our shop on August 4th 2023 and the reception these cats have received has been amazing, from visitors and locals alike.

What is the Original York Lucky Cat?

Head over to to view the full range!

There's a 5cm cat with multiple colour options, including a couple of models that glow in the dark and another pair that change colour when held in a warm hand! The 5cm cats come in a smart "Original Lucky Cat" velveteen pouch.

The 8cm cat is a scale model of Cat 22 on our Cat Trail. He comes complete with a collar and charm - choose from national/regional flag, initial letter or Preciosa crystal birthstone charm. Each cat is wrapped in bespoke York Cat Trail tissue, then safely packaged in a premium gift box with information card.

The Original York Lucky Cat was designed in York and is handmade in the UK from a non-toxic, water-based, British material.

Please note: The Cat Gallery will occasionally feature products from The Lucky Cat Shop, but they are two distinct entities, with different fulfilment mechanisms. It is therefore not possible to combine Cat Gallery and Lucky Cat Shop orders. Due to the smaller, lighter nature of our Lucky Cat product range, the UK delivery charge for that site is just £4.