In this post we're going to explore a few of the best cat themed gift ideas that could be just purr-fect for Mother's Day 2020. Most of these ideas cost £20 or less, but we also have plenty of options if you want to spend more!

Why Not Just Get Flowers, Chocolates or a Bottle of Fizz?

flowers, chocolates and a bottle of champagne

There aren't too many Mum's who wouldn't appreciate one or more of the above, but there's an incredibly large number of cat loving Mum's who would prefer to receive a cat themed gift. Partly because it is what they are passionate about themselves, but also because a cat themed gift for Mother's Day really shows that you have thought about them and their interests - a cat themed gift shows you really care!

What is the Best Gift for a Cat Loving Mum?

Thinking cat emoji

Simple answer - it's the gift that you deem to be most appropriate and that you give with love. We can put some great cat themed gift ideas in front of you but there's no shying away from the fact that the choice is yours! In our experience, Mum's are pretty understanding, so be brave, be bold, read on and seek out what could be your best Mother's Day gift purchase ever!

Want to nip straight off to our Mother's Day Curated Gift Selection. Just click on those words to go straight there. We have Mother's Day cards there too.

So, without further ago, let's look at a few Mother's Day gift ideas in a little more detail:

Cat Mum T Shirt £18

Cat Mum Navy T Shirt

This T shirt is right on the money with the Mum theme being extended to "Mother of Cats" too. The wording reads:

"I am a.... Showerer of kisses, giver of treats, lover of cuddles, purrs & fur, shusher of hisses, lap sharing, emptier of litter trays, LOVING CAT MUM"

This Tee shirt is available in sizes Small through to Extra Large. It is a popular purchase in our York shop, especially at this time of year.

Crazy Cat Lady Mug £6

Crazy Cat Lady Pink Latte Mug with Gift Tag

This mug has long been a best seller in the shop. Only you will be able to judge whether this mug would go down well. In our experience, crazy cat ladies tend to accept the title as a badge of honour and would drink proudly from such a mug. Incidentally, it is officially a latte mug. It is tall and will hold a good sized drink. As a bonus, the mug comes with a co-ordinating gift tag.

Moonlight Cats Table Lamp £20

Moonlight Cats Table Lamp

This really is a lovely lamp, especially when illuminated. This picture was taken in our front room where it looks absolutely stunning when used as the main light source. The image shows up really well and creates a lovely atmospheric glow in the room. (As an aside, as a family run business we do try to personally test what we sell. That includes our cats, Alfie & Charlie, who like to test toys and accessories!). The lamp is lightweight and chic and comes fitted with a UK 3 pin plug,

Crystal Radiance £17.50

Crystal Radiance Suncatcher

Some mother's can be a bit concerned by "clutter". Well here's an addition to the house that will remind her of your love every day, but without being a "burden". Hang this decorative but diminutive accessory near a light source and the reflections from the metal cat and moon motif and through the genuine Swarovski crystals will make coloured light dance around the room. The cat and moon motif has long been popular with Cat Gallery customers.

Cats Galore Book by Susan Herbert £14.95

Susan Herbert Cats Galore Book Cover showing Girl with a Pearl Earring

This is a lovely book that brings together a lot of the clever feline art created by Susan Herbert using the world of fine art, literature, opera and more as her inspiration. This book was published after her death in a 2014 and is a truly fitting epitaph to a very accomplished painter. This book definitely falls into the category of something to cherish and dip into in a quiet moment. As such, we think it would be seen as a very thoughtful purchase by many a cat loving mother.

If this isn't quite right for your Mum, why not take a look at our full book selection? We stock titles ranging from the Noel Fitzpatrick Supervet book to page turning Feline Themed Murder Mystery stories.

Cat Nap Pair of Pillow Cases

Pair of cat motif UK made pillow cases

We stumbled across these pillowcases by chance a few years ago and they have been a popular gift purchase ever since. If the idea and the design hasn't convinced you, how about the fact that they are made in the UK, using 100% Egyptian cotton and are printed using soft, eco-friendly inks.

Long Cat Hot Water Bottle

Long Grey Cat Hot Water Bottle

A runaway best seller in the run up to Christmas 2019, this hot water bottle is long and slim so it heats more of your body. That was clearly a factor in its' popularity but the price and the cute cat design probably had something to do with it too! Climate change or not, we seem to get cold days at any time of year, making this a thoughtful gift on any gifting occasion.

Did You Find Some Inspiration?

We hope that our hand-picked selection of potential gifts for a cat loving Mother has inspired you. Whether you've identified the purr-fect gift or not, we should also mention that our Mother's Day section also includes a great selection of Mother's Day cards. Here are 4 of our bestsellers so far for Mothers Day 2020:

Mothers Day card selection 2020

Thank you for reading. We hope this post was helpful.