Amethyst Bag Charm

At The Cat Gallery we have an unrivalled selection of cat themed gifts to meet your gifting needs during February. The official February birthstone is Amethyst. and we have amethyst jewellery and bag charms plus colour-matched birthstone cats. Let's take a look...

Our Cat Head Amethyst Friendship Bracelet is a has been a popular choice since we introduced in September 2023. It is fully adjustable, so no need to worry about sizing. It also comes in a smart box, ready to gift.

Lucky Gemstone Cats

We have carved lucky gemstone cats to cover the whole year. For February, our cat is made of Lepidolite, a purr-fect colour match for amethyst. Available as a sitting or head-turned kitten and as a sleeping cat. These cats are lovely to hold and can be built into an attractive collection. Each cat comes in a velveteen drawstring bag with the month represented and further information about the stone itself. 

Original Lucky Cats

York has had a mysterious association with cats for many years. There are cat sculptures on a large number of City Centre buildings, some of which are 100 years old. The origin of these cats is lost in the mists of time, but they inspired us to produce our own souvenir and gift collection: Original Lucky Cats and Kittens.

Our Original Lucky Cat comes complete with collar and charm. The range of charms is growing all the time, with one option being a Preciosa Crystal charm in a birthstone colour - light purple for February.

Since launch in August 2023, Original Lucky Kittens have been re-homed all over the world. Our own cat, Alfie, provided a large part of the inspiration for this fabulous feline, especially his beaming grin!


Lucky Kittens come in a constantly expanding range of colours and styles. The Love Kittens illustrated are made in very small batches, so if you'd like one, please consider securing it as soon as you are able. These Lucky Kittens (along with many more designs!) can be found on our sister site, The Lucky Cat Shop.