Christmas 2022 E-Catalogue

Welcome to our Christmas 2022 Electronic Catalogue. Click the central button on the catalogue below to make it full screen. Click the pale blue highlighted product code line to jump to that product on our website. Click on a pink circle to see a message about that product*. 

MYSTERY FREE GIFT - It's Cat Gallery branded, it's practical, and it could help to save you the value of your order!

Terms and Conditions: Free Gift offer valid until 30/11/22. Offer does not apply to parcels with a £1 postage charge.

*In several cases this relates to delayed availability. Global trade disruption is still a real issue. We have worked hard to get everything into stock but occasionally are let down, with little notice. We're sorry if a product you want isn't available right now. We don't take orders online for products that aren't in stock but you CAN do so by phone. This allows us to properly manage your expectations about a likely availability date.