After a couple of weeks of rain, the sun finally came out and we were able to go out in the garden. Alfie & Charlie, being half Siamese, love human company, so when we went outside, they came too. The third one (Charlie) and the last one (Alfie) are my favourites.

Here they are relaxing in the shade...

alfie and charlie in the garden

Alfie on a paving slab...

alfie laying in garden

Charlie, looking good, as always...

charlie relaxing in the garden

Anyone for ping pong?

charlie with a table tennis ball

Alfie always eats his greens...

alfie eating some grass

What was that rustling in the bushes...?

alfie alert

Who cares....!

alfie rolling on the astro

Do I look cute like this?

alfie standing in the shade

Not so much? How about this pose then?

alfie on back in the sun

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