OK, so HM Government hasn't actually issued any guidelines for pets, but just for a bit of fun we thought you might like to see a few pics of Alfie and Charlie following Government advice.

Social Distancing

Social distancing with Alfie and Charlie

No surprise that Charlie has pinched the snowflake blanket and is keeping half an eye on Alfie to make sure he doesn't get too close and grab a corner of it!

Self Isolating

Alfie Self Isoalting

Alfie has found his own space to self isolate. He's worked out that he will also stay dry, should it rain in our hall!

Charlie Self Isolating

Here's a (very) young Charlie, showing impeccable self isolation skills!


Stay Home, Stay Safe

Alfie and Charlie Staying In

"Looks a bit damp out there, Charlie. Let's stay in"

Using Your Garden for Fresh Air is OK

Alfie on Bench

Wash Your Hands

Alfie with Clean Paws

A (very) young Alfie has washed his paws so well, he's fallen asleep!