Ponckle Ceramic Cat £450

Inspired by writing about Hyman Segal and our logo, we have put together a little Ponckle exhibition in our first floor gallery in York.

Ponckle Fletcher 1934 - 2012 spent many of her most productive years in St Ives, where she was affectionately known as "The Cat Painter of St Ives".  She counted Hyman Segal, creator of our cat logo among her good friends and was, by all accounts at the centre of the social life in St Ives.  I'm not qualified to write about her career, but one of her sons wrote a lovely biography of his mother, which was published in The Guardian in 2012.

Read Ponckle's Obituary

 Here are some of the Ponckle works available in our York shop (as at 3rd November 2019).  All prices are fixed and are based on purchase in store.  If you can't come to the shop to collect, we can post, with delivery charges based on weight & volume of parcel.

Ponckle Original £295 - NOW SOLD

Frame 25 x 19.5cm, Image 17.5 x 12.5cm

 Ponckle Original art

Beautiful Ponckle Cat Sculpture 1994 £495 - SOLD JAN 20

A weighty piece - 23 x 18cm

 Ponckle Cat Sculpture


Blue & White Ponckle Ceramic Cat, £350 (original gallery label to underside)

 Ponckle Cat Sculpture

Ponckle's Gallery Framed Print from 1997 original, £99 SOLD

Frame size 58 x 46cm, image size 47 x 34cm

 Ponckle's Gallery Framed Print

Good Health Framed Print with Hand signed and Dated Mount £79 SOLD

Frame Size 36 x 44cm, image size 20 x 29cm

 Ponckle Framed Print "Good Health"


Claude in the Clouds Framed Print £69 - SOLD JAN 20

Frame size 34 x 45cm, image size 25 x 33cm (some black marks to the frame)

 Claude in the Clouds

Ponckle's Gallery Framed Print from 1999 Original £69 SOLD

Frame size 42 x 35cm, image size 26 x 19cm

 Ponckle's Gallery Framed Print


Three Cats Box Framed Print £49 SOLD

Frame size 25 x 19.5cm, image size 17.5 x 12.5cm

 Ponckle Framed Print - 3 Cats

And finally, here is one more Ponckle Hand Painted Ceramic Cat

This one is priced at £450  UNDER OFFER:

Ponckle - Blue Ceramic Cat

We hope you've enjoyed this online viewing of our mini exhibition.  If you're interested in purchasing any of these pieces, please complete our contact form and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

Update 20th November:  We have two Ponckle ceramic cats and one picture (Claude in the Clouds) still available.

Update Jan 2020:  We just have the blue & white ceramic cat left.