Da Bird Cat Toy by Go Cat - Possibly the Best Cat Toy Ever Invented

Da Bird feather wand toy is perhaps the best cat toy ever invented.  Loved by cats worldwide the original Go Cat Da Bird toy (beware of cheap immitations) is a sure-fire way to get your cat into a frenzy of excitement and keep them in good shape.  Not readily available in the UK, we stock Da Bird and refill replacement feathers all year round.

What is so Great About Da Bird?

In our experience, Da Bird is the toy most likely to get our cats off their Luxury Snowflake Blanket and leaping around, desperate to catch the "bird" at the end of the wand.

Da Bird Wand is an interactive toy - so you get to have as much fun as your cat!  Keeping the feathers away from your cat takes quite a lot of skill - cats are incredibly agile - and part of the human role is deciding when to let your cat catch the "bird" and have a little wrestle with it.

All our cats have loved Da Bird.  Here are a couple of videos I made to demonstrate Da Bird.  The first one involves Ethel, one of the original Cat Gallery cats.  She was 21 years old when the video was made.  Even at that grand old age, she still wanted to defeat the feathered foe!  The second video shows Alfie performing an acrobatic manoeuvre in a desperate attempt to catch Da Bird.



We offer the two part Da Bird wand (it clips together and then clips apart again for easy storage) and we import directly from Go Cat in the USA.   Please beware of cheaply made product from the Far East - it is cheap for a reason.

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