Cambridge Cat Cocktail Party

Dear Cambridge Friends

The Cat-themed Cocktail party that I've been going on about for ages is happening on Thursday 21st June!  

And you're invited!  

So please do join me on Thursday 21st June for a feline inspired summer evening hosted by charity International Cat Care and our wonderful co-hosts Sure Petcare and the Cambridge Cat Clinic as we celebrate International Cat Care's 60th anniversary of supporting owned and unowned cats around the world.

There'll be cat-themed cocktails (courtesy of the super people at Pinkster Gin) and we'll take you on a behind the scenes tour of what makes a cat-only, Gold standard Cat Friendly Clinic so special. We'll also be letting you in on some insights into the high tech future possibilities of cat ownership. There'll be a fiendish feline quiz too, a raffle and lots of other fun and games. And did I mention the cocktails.....?

We're not charging for tickets, but we would very much appreciate donations towards International Cat Care which will be put towards a ground-breaking new programme aimed at making life better for the millions of street cats living tough lives around the world. 

You're all busy people I know, but you all like cats and it'll be a fun couple of hours on (we hope) a sunny evening, so please do come if you can. You can sign up for the party on the link below. (And if you can't make it, please do share the details with your other cat friendly friends!)

Warmest wishes - hope to see you on the 21st!

Shelley xx

Shelley Gregory-Jones

Development Director, International Cat Care