A Street Cat Named Bob DVD (+ Limited Edition Cat Bowl)

 A Street Cat Named Bob probably needs little introduction to visitors to The Cat Gallery website.  You've probably got at least one of the books (if not all three) and you may well have a 2017 Street Cat Bob slim or square wall calendar.  You may well have seen the film before Christmas

LinzB, a reviewer of the film on Amazon (having seen it at the cinema), sums A Street Cat Bob up very well:

"Wow - what a story! Such a feel good film and one you will be thinking about for ages afterwards.
James really did have a hard life in regards to his family and addiction and to see the love that he had for Bob was just beautiful, using his last pennies on his veterinary care and choosing to feed Bob over himself.
Being a cat lover, I am extremely jealous that none of my 4 would even dare jump on my shoulders let alone stay there!!
James deserves all the luck in the world, he now supports animal and homeless charities - what a man!
The film is a must see for anyone, cat lover or not - 5 stars."

Buy the standard DVD pack or splash out on a limited edition version including a quality Street Cat Bob ceramic feeding dish.  The dish is extra wide and shallow (so as not to irritate sensitive feline whiskers) and is dishwasher safe.

Note that the DVD is Region 2 compatible which means it should be fine for all European DVD players.  So now you have all the facts it's time to decide whether to pre-order the standard or limited edition version!  Note that Amazon guarantees that any customer pre-ordering this DVD will be charged the lower amount should the price of the DVD change before the release date of 27th February.